Gestational Surrogate

Nutrition 101 For Gestational Surrogate Mothers

Gestational Surrogate Nutritional Tips

Acquiring proper nutrition for gestational surrogate mothers shouldn’t be a burden. By incorporating the suggestions given here, you are sure to get on the right track to experiencing a healthier and better life as a surrogate mom.

When building a diet plan for optimal nutrition as a surrogate mother, make sure to incorporate the most important meal of the day—breakfast. Shortly after your body has gone without food for an entire night, it needs breakfast to give you and the baby you are carrying enough fuel for the day.

Understanding the best way to balance your diet in order to get the best in nutrition is also critical for surrogate mothers. Following a certain food ration such as this one helps: half carbs, one-quarter protein, and one-quarter fat. Keep in mind that, as a surrogate mother, you are not just eating for yourself, but also for the baby you are supporting.

Familiarize yourself with the many nutritional profiles of the foods you digest; understand your alternatives and go for significantly healthier options. As a gestational surrogate mother, don’t be anxious about the food you eat when you go out with friends. You can ask for a menu that displays the nutritional information for the meals you like to order. This way, you’re making healthy choices for you and the baby you are carrying.

As mentioned earlier, understanding food alternatives and making healthy food switches are important to enjoying good, nutritious food. A prime example of this is to focus on baked goods instead of fried foods. As a surrogate mother, cutting down on unhealthy oils is ideal. Baked or steamed foods contain less oils and fat compared to fried foods. Also, you will feel a lot more energetic throughout the day if you consume good-quality baked foods on a daily basis.

As a gestational surrogate, keep yourself hydrated with water and try to eat smaller meals. Five or six smaller portions distributed throughout the duration of the day will provide better digestion and keep weight down. Regulating your weight as a gestational surrogate mom can help prevent hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments. Frequent eating also cuts your appetite, thus lessening the need to overeat.

As a gestational surrogate, appropriate nutrition is the key to how bad or good you feel, as what you put in your body affects your overall health. With these easy-to-follow tips, you are on your way to a healthier surrogacy journey for yourself and the baby you are carrying.