Surrogacy in Ohio

If you are a woman living in Ohio and you are looking for a unique opportunity to not only help another family realize their dreams through the miracle of having a child, but also help your own family financially, then surrogacy may be the right move for you. Surrogate mothers in Ohio can earn up to $70,000 for each surrogacy experience.  Higher compensation for experienced surrogates. Additional benefits include priceless personal and emotional satisfaction of a kind you just can’t get through any other opportunity.

About Surrogacy in Ohio

Surrogacy Agency in Ohio is a premium surrogacy service that matches gestational carriers in Ohio to waiting intended parents – in fact, we have intended parents waiting to meet you right now! For more information on our requirements and to start the screening process, please visit our easy online application page and submit yours today! Once you do, one of our case managers will be in touch quickly to discuss your application and the next steps in the process.

Are you ready to become a real-life miracle worker as a surrogate mother? Click here to apply today!

For more information about surrogacy in Ohio and becoming a surrogate mother, please see our Surrogate FAQs.

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